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How do I adopt an Appledown dog?
You will need to read through the Rehoming page on this website, it tells you everything you need to know. You will then need to complete an application form. You can download it from the Rehoming page by clicking this link:

rehoming link

Follow the instructions for sending the form back to us. If you have used the correct email address, you should receive a reply to say that we have received your application.

Where can I see the dogs that are available for rehoming?
Some of our dogs have fact sheets on our Facebook page and these fact sheets are stored in albums according to the dog’s current status, AVAILABLE, RESERVED, REHOMED etc. You will need to find the Albums option on our Facebook page. The location of this option varies according to which device you are using and which platform. Generally Albums are either an option at the top of our page or may come under the ‘Photos’ or ‘Media’ option.

Why do some dogs not have fact sheets?
The Facebook page is run entirely by volunteers and it may be that further fact sheets are due to be created. There will, however, always be some dogs that do not have Facebook coverage, normally because of previous owners' behaviour. We also rarely promote puppies on our page as we always have a long list of applicants for them.

Should I apply for a specific dog(s)?
Whilst the form invites you to name any specific dogs you may have seen that we have available for adoption, your application is considered against every dog that is available. There is often information that has not been included on a dog’s fact sheet that might just change the suitability. If you have sent in an application form and you then see a dog you like on our Facebook page, you do not need to let us know.

What happens to my application if I didn't get invited to see the dog I wanted?
All applications are kept and compared to each new dog that becomes available until the point that you adopt from us or tell us you are no longer looking.

Can I increase my chances of being considered?
Sorry, we are as fair as possible and all who apply do so on a level playing field. It is not first come, first served and our dogs are not rehomed to the highest bidder. Likewise previous support or constant emailing does not make your chances better. Throughout all of the process, it is our dogs welfare and where we believe they will have the best life that is paramount.

I sent in an application form. I have seen on your Facebook page that dogs are being reserved, I have not heard anything.
We always have considerably more applications than dogs. Often these are for the same couple of types. We contact whoever is the best available match for each dog, which can be a very difficult, hairline decision. It does not mean that you will not be contacted in the future if you were unlucky this time.

How much does it costs to adopt an Appledown dog?
The minimum donation to adopt a dog from Appledown  is £180, though many people kindly give a larger donation; there is no maximum amount!
  £30 of this is a non-returnable deposit.

Do I need to book an appointment or can I just turn up and visit?
We do not allow general visits. If you are genuinely interested in adopting a dog and have sent us a completed application form, we will arrange a date and time for you to visit if we think we have a dog that suits your requirements and circumstances.

Do you have puppies?
Yes, we often have puppies but as they are very popular, the wait to hear back from us that we have one available, can be lengthy. We ask you to be very patient, the wait is always worth it.

Will my dog be neutered?
If the dog is of an age appropriate for neutering, it will be done before he/she leaves Appledown. For a dog that is too young to be neutered, you will be given a voucher that can be used towards the cost of the procedure.

My children are under 7 years of age. Why can’t I adopt an adult dog?
The majority of dogs arrive at Appledown as strays. That means we have no idea of their history and some of them may have had bad experiences in the past. We feel that at 7 years of age, a child can be taught to interact in a correct manner with the dog and the risk of problems is significantly decreased.

At what age is a dog classed as “adult”?
We class a dog as adult when it has its adult teeth through. This is generally around 5 months.

Why can some dogs not be rehomed in certain areas?
As well as being a stipulation of our contract, our policy is to never rehome a dog to the area from which it came. This is to protect our dogs from what might become a confusing situation for them.

I live in rented/Council accommodation, can I adopt a dog?
You can if you can supply written proof from your landlord or your Council to say that this is allowed.

My elderly parents are looking to adopt a dog. Is that allowed?
Yes. Applicants over the age of 65 will only be able to adopt “age appropriate” dogs, generally 3 years and over for those adults aged 65 – 69 years and 5 years and over for those adults aged 70 years +.
This restriction is nothing to do with questioning the health or capabilities of the older people but everything to do with trying to ensure the best chance of a stable home for the dog.

Why do you do home visits?
All Appledown dogs have been let down in their lives by at least one person, we have to take every step to ensure that doesn’t happen again.  The home visit is not designed to catch you out; it is a reassurance for us that the environment that the dog is going into is suitable. It is also a good opportunity for the new owner to ask any questions or for advice.

Do rescue dogs bite?
Our dogs are thoroughly assessed before being offered for adoption. With any animal that you take into your home – not just rescue animals - there is always a risk.

I live in a flat. Can I still adopt a dog?
Yes. Some of our dogs will happily live in a flat; however, all dogs need regular daily exercise and access to outdoor space.

I work. Can I still adopt a dog?
You can at our discretion. All dogs need someone at home with them in the beginning and this is especially true of rescue dogs. After this initial period, some dogs may be happy being left for short periods of time. If you work, you must be able to prove that you have a dog walker, or dog day care in place.

My circumstances have changed and I can no longer keep my Appledown dog. Can I give it to someone else?
If you decide you can no longer keep your Appledown dog, you must call us. If we cannot resolve the issues you are having, the dog must be returned to Appledown. It may be that the person you know is a suitable new owner, but we will insist on going through the adoption process again, including a home visit.

I am having problems settling my dog in. Is there someone who can help?
For as long as you have your Appledown dog, you can call us with any questions, 10am - 1pm and 2pm - 4pm, 7 days a week (excluding Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day).

What methods of payment do you accept?
Cash or bank transfer only.

Do you run dog training classes?
No, but we know some people who do. Get in touch.

Do you need dog-walkers?
We operate a waiting list for dog-walkers (week days only). Please get in touch and we will send you a volunteer application form.

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